Collect Data Seamlessly, Straight From the Source

You won’t have to manually import and export Slack data ever again. Now, you can select the Slack data you need and import it directly into your matter’s workspace. Just like that. With Casepoint’s Slack Integration, you can preserve and collect Slack data faster and more efficiently, without the risk of spoliation or missed data.

Cloud Collections for Slack Data Done the-Right Way for eDiscovery

Extract All the Data You Need From Slack

Whether you’re collecting from third-party Slack accounts or public or private channels, Casepoint’s Slack Integration allows you to collect all of the data you need, including:

Extract All the Data You Need From Slack

You can even target specific Slack channels for collection, so you won’t have to worry about overspending or over-collecting. Your Slack data collection process will never be the same.

Benefits of Using Casepoint’s Connector to Collect Slack Data

  1. Target specific Slack channels for collection, decreasing costs associated with over-collection.
  2. Identify all Slack channels a user is associated with and perform one collection for the set.
  3. Attachments are collected and kept within standard parent-child relationships to streamline the review process.
  4. Third-party Slack accounts are available and collectible.
  5. Content from all parties within shared channels is collectible.
  6. Channel communication may be threaded and divided based on custom configurations.

To learn more about Casepoint’s Slack Integration, download our brochure, “Top 7 Reasons Why Enterprises Select Casepoint for Slack Collections.”