Even 20 years after cloud computing made an entrance on the scene (Salesforce in 1999, AWS in 2003), there are surprisingly a wide number of organizations that still have not made the transition to the cloud. Law firms and legal departments are among the slowest groups still debating: to move to the cloud or not to move to the cloud? 

The advantages of the cloud far outweigh those of on-premise infrastructure. Cloud solutions are more cost-effective, and the speed and scalability they provide greatly benefit a firm or legal department in the long run.

At Casepoint, we had the vision and innovation to build our technology in the cloud before anyone else in the market – 11 years ago. We have continually built and refined our cloud-based technology year over year. Casepoint offers a mature platform compared to other solutions. Many solutions have just started to implement cloud-based technology in the past few years and are still trying to learn how to walk before they run.


What are the benefits of cloud-based eDiscovery?

Evaluation Factor
Total Cost of Ownership
Many additional fees and costs associated with it
Fast Built for Speed
Dependent on Setup
Not Flexible
Increased Security Risks
Risk Mitigation (Redundancy)
Easier to Mitigate
Costly to Mitigate
Ease of Use
Easier to Use Due to Speed, Scalability, and Accessibility
Dependent on In-house Personnel and Resources
Any Time, Any Device, Any Where
Easily Accessible
Setup dependent where-as cloud solutions are designed to be accessible from anywhere
Updates and Upgrades
Easy to Update and Upgrade
High Maintenance
Cloud Collections
Easy to Collect
Requires specialized software or hiring an expert



The top three reasons that cloud solutions are better than on-premise solutions are: the total cost of ownership, the overall speed and efficiency, and scalability. 


1. Cost

Hosting an eDiscovery solution on-premise or in-house incurs more costs than what may seem at first glance. The total cost of ownership of an on-premise solution needs to include not only the eDiscovery software cost, but also the hardware, network infrastructure, personnel, to name a few. These costs can quickly add up. Cloud solutions alleviate your budget by reducing or eliminating these costs because there is zero infrastructure to manage.

2. Speed, Speed, and More Speed

For a law firm or corporation, high-speed processors or bandwidth is a high priority. Cloud solutions provide fast results. Instead of spending unnecessary time on various tasks, cut the time it would normally take to execute them significantly. The speed of the cloud will give you the opportunity to repurpose your time, for legal review or strategy, rather than waiting for a document to load or encountering connectivity issues.

3. Scalability

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is the ability to scale quickly. The ability to ramp up (or down) capacity based on need is critical for both cost and performance. Another key aspect of scalability isn’t just the hardware that runs these environments, but the application itself. It too needs to be architected for scalability to handle massive document volumes, large user bases, resource-hogging tasks from processing complex file types, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics at any given time.

Visit our eDiscovery features page for more information on Cloud Analytics and Collections.


Cloud Analytics and Collections

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