Remember the days when email was the king of corporate communication? We’ve entered a new era. Today, dynamic chat platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp are increasingly becoming the de facto collaboration tools. 

The Problem with Chat Data

While this shift makes communication faster and more fluid, it throws a curveball at legal professionals navigating legal hold, discovery and investigations. Chat data — unstructured and often spread across multiple cloud-based platforms — can become a tangled conversational web. Unlike traditional, structured emails, chat messages themselves are messy and ongoing. Replace subject lines, dates, and clear threads with emojis, GIFs, attachments, and shared drives, and what do you get? A potential data discovery disaster that costs companies precious time and resources.

Unsurprisingly, legal teams are demanding better ways to integrate this dynamic data into their eDiscovery and legal hold processes.

The Problem with Chat Data

Introducing Casepoint ChatViewer

Enter Casepoint ChatViewer, a game-changer for legal professionals drowning in this exploding body of chat data. This exciting addition to Casepoint eDiscovery platform simplifies the review process like never before. Imagine easily viewing, searching, and managing chat data in one intuitive interface. 

WIth Casepoint ChatViewer, it’s all possible. Users can:

View Conversations with Clarity

Instead of hassling with raw data dumps, ChatViewer presents chat messages in a familiar, threaded format. Imagine easily following the flow of conversations, just like in a popular messaging app. No more deciphering cryptic timestamps and sender IDs. With ChatViewer, the focus is always on the content and its context.

View Conversations with Clarity

Within ChatViewer, users can easily access chat data in specific folders and families, as well as duplicate files, Case Summary, and more.

Filter in a Flash

Need to zero in on specific information? ChatViewer empowers users with advanced filtering capabilities. Want to see only messages involving certain participants, within a specific timeframe, or containing particular keywords? With just a few clicks, users can pinpoint all of the relevant data they need — and none of the data they don’t.

Filter in a Flash

Filter chat messages by participant, date and time, or keyword.

Visualize Data on a Sleek Timeline

Need to know who chatted the most with whom and when? ChatViewer’s interactive timeline visualizes conversation frequency. Simply drag and drop the sliders to explore specific periods and identify key interactions at a glance. This bird’s-eye view helps users prioritize review efforts and quickly locate areas of interest.

Visualize Data on a Sleek Timeline

ChatViewer’s “Show Timeline” button opens the dynamic timeline at the bottom of the screen. From there, users can click and drag sliders on either end of the timeline to change the beginning and end dates of the viewable conversation.

The Future of Chat Data Management

ChatViewer isn’t just another splashy feature — it’s a testament to Casepoint’s commitment to innovation and understanding the evolving needs of legal professionals. Amit Dungarani, Casepoint’s VP of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives, puts it perfectly: “Casepoint ChatViewer completely transforms the way government agencies and corporations, review and analyze chat data. Our customers can now pinpoint and extract only the chat data they need, saving them incalculable time and resources.”

Amit Quote Card

By harnessing the power of intelligent design, we’ve created a tool that simplifies the complex — transforming the way our customers approach chat data discovery. Imagine the efficiency gains — no more sifting through irrelevant conversations or struggling with unwieldy data formats. ChatViewer streamlines the process, allowing users to focus on what truly matters: uncovering the truth and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Ready to conquer the chat data deluge? Contact Casepoint today to see how Casepoint ChatViewer can transform the review experience.

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