Each year, the CLOC Global Institute convenes a diverse gathering of legal operations professionals, industry leaders, academics, and technology vendors, providing a unique outlet to access the collective wisdom of the legal operations community. At CGI 2024, our conversations with these varied stakeholders revealed recurring themes, emerging trends, and invaluable insights into the world of legal operations. 

These engagements highlighted the critical strategies and innovative technologies driving the future of the industry and sparked engaging discussions and thought-provoking ideas. Here are our top 5 takeaways from CGI 2024 that you won’t want to miss.

Top 5 Key Takeaways:

Top 5 Key Takeaways

1. Legal Ops 3.0

During her opening remarks, newly appointed CLOC President Jenn McCarron set the stage and outlined the core principles of Legal Ops 3.0, emphasizing the need to take control of the technology and innovation agenda, shift perspectives on data, and redefine the role of legal operations professionals. This vision marks a transformation from a support function to a strategic business adviser, focusing on leveraging technology, fostering innovation, and driving impactful change. The legal ops profession is evolving rapidly, with a growing emphasis on data management and data-driven decision-making, reflecting a broader shift towards legal departments operating as integral business partners.

2. Data is the New Gold

The significance of data in legal operations was a resounding theme, epitomized by President Jenn McCarron’s declaration that “data is the new gold.” This ethos permeated through discussions and panels at the conference, highlighting the imperative of effectively leveraging the vast volumes of data generated daily by companies. A standout moment was unveiling the Legal Data Intelligence framework, a collaborative effort by industry stalwarts from Google, Moderna, Walgreens, and others. This tool offers a structured approach for legal departments to harness data in critical areas such as disputes, investigations, contract review, data protection, and outside counsel management.

3. Experimentation and Adoption of Generative AI

CGI 2024 echoed the buzz of experimentation and adoption surrounding generative AI tools, urging in-house counsel to explore these technologies before implementing significant workflow changes. President Jenn McCarron emphasized the importance of conducting proof of concept before purchasing off-the-shelf tech, suggesting a systematic approach to innovation. The conference highlighted the evolving discourse around early implementation and adoption of generative AI, particularly in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems. While challenges and risks remain, especially in areas like eDiscovery, the consensus pointed towards significant long-term value with the proper use cases, technologies, and partnerships. To see how we are embracing these advancements, check out our approach to generative AI here.

4. The Importance of Partnering

CGI 2024 involved several sessions highlighting the critical role of establishing solid partnerships between Legal Ops, vendors, and outside counsel. Casepoint’s Vice President of Product Operations, Oliver Silva, led an engaging discussion with Michael Maul, Manager I/S Project from NuStar (now Sunoco), emphasizing the significance of building trusted partnerships grounded in authenticity, logic, and empathy. Our panel explored the nuances of trust, communication, and transparency, providing real-world examples and strategies for fostering trustful relationships. These insights accentuated the foundational role of trust in achieving successful legal operations and partnerships.    

5. Embracing Continual Learning

CGI 2024 shed light on the shifting landscape of talent acquisition in legal departments, marked by a hiring slowdown amidst business headwinds, tech slowdowns, and budget constraints. Despite these challenges, there is an increased demand for lawyers with a “growth mindset” and a willingness to adapt to new technologies. The focus is no longer on what was learned in the past year but on continually evolving skill sets. While some firms are hiring more associates, the emphasis is on candidates who can embrace the technological revolution reshaping the legal industry.

Three Notable Sessions:

Three Notable Sessions

1. Five Questions Every Legal Ops Professional Needs To Ask Their CISO in the Age of Gen AI

Alissa “Dr. Jay” Abdullah and Bernadette Bulacan led a discussion on “5 Questions Every Legal Ops Professional Needs To Ask Their CISO in the Age of Gen AI.” Our team found their insights invaluable, particularly Dr. Jay’s emphasis on the importance of collaboration and understanding enterprise-wide risks and benefits of AI. Her concept of the “internet of tools and internet of fools” resonated with us, highlighting the need for informed decision-making in adopting AI technologies.

2. Change My View: Gen AI Is Overrated

The session, led by Mike Haven, Jerry Ting, and Jenn McCarron, challenged the notion that AI is a one-size-fits-all solution for legal challenges. They emphasized the importance of understanding AI’s true potential and limitations, highlighting that while it’s not a revolutionary change, it offers significant value when applied correctly. Tangible benefits can be realized through careful consideration of use cases, technology, and partnerships, aligning with the evolving nature of legal operations. 

3. Casepoint at CGI

Cracking the Trust Code: The Key to Partnering for Legal Ops Success

Our speaking session, “Cracking the Trust Code: The Key to Partnering for Legal Ops Success,”  featuring industry experts Oliver Silva from Casepoint and Michael Maul from NuStar Energy (recently acquired by Sunoco), made a significant impact at CGI 2024 by shedding light on the critical role of trust in legal operations. We emphasized that trust is essential within organizations and in partnerships with external vendors. Our panel discussion delved into the nuances of trust, communication, and transparency, offering real-world examples and insightful strategies for fostering trustful relationships.

Looking Ahead

CGI 2024 offered a valuable opportunity for legal operations professionals to network, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the latest trends. As we look ahead, we are eager to see how the discussions and learnings from CGI will shape the future of legal operations. Our dedication to collaborating with top corporations, government entities, and law firms remains unwavering as we help them navigate the dynamic field of legal operations.

Did you miss us at CGI 2024? No problem! Contact the Casepoint team to learn about the latest advancements in our industry-leading Legal Hold and eDiscovery technology.


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