An eDiscovery Procurement Checklist for Government Agencies

It can be overwhelming for government agencies to know where to start when beginning the eDiscovery procurement process. The discovery phase alone requires countless hours of research in order for agencies to gather the information needed to identify and secure the appropriate eDiscovery solution.

To help narrow the scope of your search for a new partner, we’ve compiled a checklist for your agency. Consider posing the following questions to prospective eDiscovery providers to determine whether they are the right partner or advisor for your agency.


Government’s eDiscovery Procurement Checklist

Security and Risk Questions
Checkmark Is your cloud solution FedRAMP or StateRAMP certified, and if so, when did it receive certification?
Checkmark What ISO security certifications has your company achieved?
Checkmark Does your organization perform regular risk assessments, security monitoring, and third-party audits? If so, how often?
Checkmark Has your organization been subject to any regulatory enforcement actions in the past five years? If so, please provide details.
Checkmark Does your organization apply principles of least privilege and/or the Zero Trust Model?
Checkmark How does your organization ensure resilience in the event of a disruption?
Checkmark Does your solution encrypt data both at rest and in motion?
Checkmark How does your organization assess the security controls of its technology partners?
Checkmark Do you use strong multi-factor authentication protocols when available?
Checkmark What controls are in place to ensure sensitive data is protected or permanently destroyed?
Checkmark Does your solution provide detailed audit logs to show data access and user actions?
Checkmark Please describe your platform’s role permission settings.
Product Questions
Checkmark Which file types does your solution support?
Checkmark Please describe how robust your product is. For example, can your product scale to handle large volumes of structured and unstructured data?
Checkmark Does your product provide users with powerful configurable workflow and analytical capabilities, including the ability to ingest, process, and handle an expanding variety and growing volume of discoverable file types?
Checkmark In what ways does your eDiscovery solution leverage AI-based technologies to automate the review process?
Checkmark Does your product leverage AI to analyze collected documents for key terms and concepts to narrow down search results according to natural-language search queries?
Checkmark Does your solution possess advanced search and analytics capabilities that enable users to quickly locate pertinent documents, identify trends or patterns in large data sets, and automatically classify documents based on context and metadata?
Checkmark Does your solution include redaction tools that help agencies identify, redact, and remove sensitive personal information? If so, please describe.
Checkmark What self-service features does your product include?
Checkmark How easy is it to manage data in your platform?
Checkmark Does your platform provide APIs to integrate with other applications?
Checkmark What input do customers have in defining the product roadmap?
Checkmark What is the maximum amount of data your solution can process in a week?
Checkmark Does your product provide robust reporting functions to support data and workload management and external reporting requirements?
Checkmark Has your solution been included in any independent industry analyst reports?
Implementation and User Adoption Questions
Checkmark How does your organization onboard new customers? What kind of training do you offer during the lifecycle of the contract?
Checkmark How long does it typically take to configure your solution and onboard an organization?
Checkmark Do you have experience implementing your solution with a government agency? If so, how many users were trained during the onboarding process?
Checkmark Do you have an SLA in place for response times?

By systematically addressing these questions, government agencies can expertly navigate the eDiscovery procurement process with greater confidence, ensuring the selection of a partner equipped to meet their specific demands and regulatory obligations.

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