The first half of 2020 so far has been tough to say the least. Globally, COVID-19 has been spreading, markets and employment numbers are down, and there is a general concern about how (or if) life will ever get back to normal. We cannot and should not underplay the significance and severity of these events. 

And yet, humanity is resilient; we already see signs that business is taking hold again. In the legal industry law firms, corporations, government agencies, and service providers have regrouped and are now effectively working from home. SaaS software has been the saving grace of nearly every industry. Whether Zoom, Microsoft 365, or Casepoint, SaaS software has enabled teams to work well together despite geographical boundaries. This crisis has certainly demonstrated that eDiscovery belongs in the cloud and is even thriving despite adverse circumstances. 

We are also seeing signs that litigation is about to grow significantly come summer and fall. Whether from inevitable contract disputes or class action concerns, the level of legal action is going to be substantial. The legal industry needs to prepare.

So what can legal providers do to prepare now for the increased demand and growth that is ahead? 

  1. Move to the cloud. Cloud technology scales, is accessible from anywhere, and can already support your security requirements. 
  2. Rely on companies who are staffed to work remotely and around the clock. You will need support to manage new matters and we know restructuring may have reduced onsite personnel who can help.
  3. Ask about “playbooks” that a technology provider already has to quickly (and even more importantly effectively) onboard new customers. You need support and providers should already have that mapped out…especially if you are migrating from other legacy technologies. 

The reality is that while COVID-19 has caused months of turmoil, there is a growing demand to resolve disputes that have arisen as a result of the virus’s spread. The legal industry is the keystone to manage these disputes. Casepoint is prepared to help you prepare to face the growing demand. The time is now and it is easy to get started.

Check out this short white paper for more information on how cloud technology can benefit your organization now and in the long run.


Born in the Cloud

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