At Casepoint, we work tirelessly to meet the needs and requests of our customers to make their lives easier. As the eDiscovery process modernizes, we pride ourselves on modernizing with it. Earlier this year, we reimagined our user interface (UI) for the modern legal professional. Our goal was to make our platform more streamlined, easier to navigate, and ultimately, more efficient for our users.

We’re dedicated to continuously improving our technology. The tactic we have found that works best is to ask our customers — the eDiscovery experts — what’s most important to them. It’s a formula that has served us and our users well. In fact, over 70% of our monthly product features originate from client feedback, highlighting our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of legal professionals.

For our latest customer-driven UI refresh, we spent countless hours combing through feedback from our clients and prospects, looking for ways to streamline our user experience. With these enhancements, we’re already seeing faster user adoption and higher client satisfaction.

Get familiar with the new Casepoint — sleeker, sharper, more organized, and built with our customers in mind, every step of the way. Here are six highlights of our new UI refresh, based on user feedback:

6 Ways We Made Casepoint Easier to Use

1. New Color Scheme

One of the most noticeable changes in the Casepoint platform is the shift in color scheme from yellow to blue. This seemingly subtle tweak actually makes a world of difference. The color blue is known for its calming and trustworthy qualities, making it easier for customers to visually process information. This simple but effective change makes for an all-around more user-friendly experience. However, users can still customize their color theme based on a predefined palette of complementary colors.

New Color Scheme

2. Single Left Navigation Menu

We took our list of menu items and replaced it with a sleek, unified navigation menu in a nested format. This navigation menu features a few new, single-click navigation elements to provide easy touchpoints. This consolidation reduces clutter and creates a more intuitive path to essential features.

Single Left Navigation Menu

3. Quick Navigation Elements

If users get lost, they can use the new Home button to orient themselves within a workspace. The Home button can be customized per role, so data loaders can land in Data Management while document review teams can land back in the Batches menu, for example. The Casepoint button in the upper-left corner now acts as a system reset, taking users out of any application and sending them back to the My Workspaces page — the same page displayed upon logging in.

Quick Navigation Elements

4. Centralized Data Stores

With this refresh, we wanted to emphasize the particular Data Store users are working in, so we’ve re-positioned it to the top center of the page. Each Data Store can even be color-coded for quick visual orientation within a workspace.

Centralized Data Stores

5. Application Menu

The larger application menu now appears by clicking on the nine dots in the upper left corner. This menu is perfect for administrative users who need to navigate between Workspace-level applications and Organization-level applications. It can also be used to navigate directly into a different eDiscovery workspace. This enhancement not only saves time but reduces friction in managing multiple workspaces.

Application Menu

6. Legal Hold

The entire Casepoint platform has been updated to follow the same UI so all of the improvements we’ve made to Casepoint eDiscovery, we’ve also made to Casepoint Legal Hold. All menu navigation is located on the left side, split into sleek, tiered menus. Users can choose to see a listing of legal holds in multiple ways, including list view, card view, and dashboard view. Learn more about our legal hold UI refresh here.


User-Centric Innovation for a User-Centric Platform

Casepoint is a robust solution that can be used for complex workflows at an enterprise level, but it can also be streamlined using roles and permissions so each part of a team only sees the parts they need.

User-Centric Innovation for a User-Centric Platform

By actively listening to and implementing user feedback, Casepoint has achieved the most intuitive and user-friendly iteration yet, reinforcing our commitment to delivering a superior user experience. These changes will empower our users to navigate the complex world of eDiscovery with more confidence. And yet, they’re just a glimpse of what we have in store for our users.

We appreciate all the excellent feedback we received and the partnership of our clients, and we can’t wait to put more great ideas into action.

To see our new UI in action, get in touch with the Casepoint team.

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