One of the hallmarks of a cutting-edge legal tech company is its ability to listen to customer feedback and implement it. At Casepoint, we value our customers’ opinions and feedback on our product. In fact, we have an entire team and process dedicated to tracking user feedback and translating it into our product roadmap.

Top 5 Recent Enhancements to Casepoint Legal Hold

Earlier this year, we launched a new upgraded design of our Legal Hold application with an even more user-centric approach. The result? A sleek, efficient, and highly intuitive user interface and user experience that makes managing legal holds easier than ever.

In this user interface (UI) refresh, we streamlined the Legal Hold setup process, ensuring that everything our users need is conveniently located within the same application. This means quicker creation and easier management of legal holds, saving our customers incalculable time and effort.

We also sought to empower custodians with visibility into their own holds via a portal just for them, eliminating the need for them to be registered users. Legal Hold administrators can now focus on managing the data and the overall process, while custodians can access self-service features.

All of this amounts to the most powerful, user-friendly iteration of Casepoint Legal Hold yet. We’ve compiled a list of the top five enhancements we’ve made to Casepoint Legal Hold, based on user feedback. Take a look:

Top 5 Enhancements to Casepoint Legal Hold

Top 5 Recent Enhancements to Casepoint Legal Hold

1. Uniform User Interface

We’ve updated the entire Casepoint platform to follow a consistent user interface, including Casepoint Legal Hold (learn more on our general UI refresh here). That means all menu navigation is now conveniently located on the left side of the screen and organized in a tiered, permission-based manner. We’re confident our customers will find it easier than ever to navigate the platform.

Uniform User Interface

2. Dashboard View

With this UI refresh, we’ve made it possible for customers to view their legal holds in whichever way they like best, whether it’s list view, card view, or a visually engaging dashboard view, complete with sleek new graphics.

New Dashboard View

3. Customizable Hold Templates For Faster Setup

Our new hold templates allow customers to streamline the setup process by defining default values such as Hold Administrator, General Counsel, and IT for templatized notifications. Users can customize only what they need, reuse their templates, and watch their efficiency soar.

Customizable Hold Templates For Faster Setup

4. Dedicated Dashboard for Each Hold

In addition to the new dashboard for overall hold management, we’ve also introduced a dedicated dashboard for each individual hold. Each legal hold now comes with its own details page, complete with a dedicated dashboard. This dashboard seamlessly links specific individual holds to custodians, communication records, and data source information, providing users with a comprehensive overview of each hold.

Dedicated Dashboard for Each Hold

5. Custodian Portal

Custodians can now view the details of the hold they are under, without needing to be users of Casepoint. Instead, they can access a custodian hold portal dedicated link with two-factor authentication. This portal allows custodians to view the details of the holds they are associated with, including communication details and any outstanding tasks that require their attention. No Casepoint usernames or accounts are necessary.

All-New Custodian Portal

Casepoint’s Intuitive and Robust Legal Hold Solution

Our latest Legal Hold upgrade encapsulates our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of legal professionals. With a consistent user interface, dashboard view, customizable templates, a streamlined setup process, dedicated dashboards for specific holds, and enhanced custodian visibility, we’re doubling down on our Legal Hold solution to empower legal teams to efficiently manage legal holds like never before.

But it’s also a reflection of the excellent work our customers have done to glean insights and identify areas of improvement within Casepoint Legal Hold. They are the Legal Hold experts, and we couldn’t have executed this UI refresh without them.

We appreciate the feedback, and we look forward to implementing more of our customers’ excellent feedback to further enhance our industry-leading Legal Hold solution.

To see the new Casepoint Legal Hold in action, get in touch with the Casepoint team.

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