Historically, in-house legal departments have operated reactively to support existing corporate needs, rather than acting proactively to correlate with corporate strategy. This concept is now being challenged completely. Corporate legal departments are being restructured in a way that is more strategically focused and facilitates their ability to align with corporate objectives. Legal departments are a necessity for every corporation. When they operate proactively to improve processes and enhance operational efficiency, legal departments can add additional value to the corporation itself.


Legal: From Operational Necessity to Corporate Strategy

Taking this new approach into consideration, General Counsels are now rethinking how their departments are structured. To make Legal a proactive department that furthers business objectives, rather than just an operational arm, visionary General Counsels are identifying what practices will assist in moving the department forward. Cultivating an efficient legal department is the first step to successfully achieve this new model. Interestingly, the segment of legal practice that has shined a light on this new paradigm is the much reviled, but increasingly necessary, focus on eDiscovery.

eDiscovery: An Important Puzzle Piece Among Many for Law 3.0

Incorporating effective uses of technology to automate processes and track metrics is a fundamental necessity to restructuring in-house legal departments to become more efficient. Applying these efficiencies will allow legal departments to align with business objectives, and ultimately benefit their bottom line. Employing eDiscovery technology has become commonplace. Legal has been more open to embracing eDiscovery and its features. Although, there have been dramatic advancements in eDiscovery technologies over the years. Due to the efficiency benefits Legal experiences when using eDiscovery and its technological advancements, it is now the gateway for this new approach to corporate law. However, eDiscovery is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporations’ GCs embracing Law 3.0.

Holistic Approach

One thing that prevents legal departments from capitalizing on the benefits of eDiscovery technology, is being encumbered with multiple software solutions or systems for each of their needs. In preparation for future efficiency, innovative GCs will strive to consolidate their multiple solutions to one with a holistic approach. This will allow leaders to have a bird’s eye view and give them insight into metrics for every process. Used to its full capacity, a single holistic eDiscovery software solution can become the entryway into efficiency for in-house legal departments.

How to Transform your Legal Department into an Efficiency Powerhouse

There are a number of things to consider when implementing futuristic systems to ultimately drive efficiency. To find out tangible steps to make this transformation, check out this recorded webinar, “Legal Tech Operations of the Future – Are You Ready for Law 3.0?” hosted by Law.com featuring legal technology expert, Brett Burney.


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