Collect Data Seamlessly, Securely, and Defensibly

Collect straight from the source. Casepoint’s powerful cloud data collection and preservation capabilities are built into our end-to-end eDiscovery platform. Connect all your applications, cloud-based data repositories, collaboration tools, and email databases in one place. A streamlined and secure cloud data collections process ensures that teams are ready to take action quicker and start data review faster.

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Automate Your Day-to-Day and Control Data
With the Industry’s Most Trusted Solution

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Seamless End-to-End Workflows

Save time by automating data collection directly from your applications and reduce risk by eliminating the need to move data to another platform. Complete the entire data discovery process from start to finish using Casepoint’s solution.

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Custom-Built and Configurable Integrations

We collect data directly from all the popular cloud data applications including Slack, Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Google Vault, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. We launch new integrations continuously to meet your data collection needs and the growing number of data sources.

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Secure Data Collection With the Industry’s Most Trusted Solution

Keeping your data safe is our number one priority. We have obtained and maintained the highest levels of industry security certifications and attestations, undergoing all applicable reviews and audits. Casepoint has the highest volume of top secret data in the cloud compared to any eDiscovery provider.


Casepoint Legal Hold – Seamlessly Preserve Critical Data with Ease

Connect Casepoint to These Applications

Save time and reduce risk with automated direct collection of data with Casepoint’s API. Our disruption-free, scalable, and defensible cloud collection tool is powerful, simple, and secure.

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  • Email
  • Cloud Repositories
  • Collaboration Apps
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams
Google Drive
Google Vault
Slack Enterprise

Don’t See a Connector You Need? No Problem. We Custom Build Connectors.

We continuously build and launch new connectors to support the growing number of cloud applications. Collect data from any source and push it directly into Casepoint’s platform. Want to learn more?

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Slack Partnership

Slack Partnership

Casepoint and Slack have partnered to eliminate the middle-man in data collection for Slack data. Eliminate all your export and import steps. You define the Slack data you need and send it directly to your matter’s workspace. Pull Slack Enterprise data directly from your company’s Slack environment into Casepoint for processing and review.

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Microsoft 365 and Teams Data

Casepoint’s Microsoft connector was developed to support and speed data collection. Leverage it to simplify the eDiscovery process for Microsoft data. You never have to leave Casepoint. Use Casepoint to collect only the data you want from your Microsoft environment.

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Microsoft office 365 and team

Customer Success for eDiscovery

From day one, our legal and tech experts are here to help with your customized setup and onboarding, as well as ongoing support and proactive guidance.

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