A companion to the Casepoint Platform, Casepoint FileStore™ is a cloud-based storage solution that allows organizations to more efficiently store, manage, organize, archive, and search through their data on the cloud.

TYSONS, Va., Aug 21, 2023 Casepoint — The industry leader in legal discovery technology for litigation, investigations, and compliance — today announced the official launch of Casepoint FileStore™, its cloud-based data storage and staging solution. This solution enables corporations, law firms, and government agencies to move data seamlessly between the Casepoint Platform and storage and staging, forming a secure, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to on-premises data storage solutions.

Within Casepoint FileStore™, users can upload and download large amounts of structured and unstructured data in its native format, organize and stage that data, conduct searches, and even store, preserve, and manage “golden copies” of data. Users can easily store data they might need in the future but do not necessarily need to access regularly. When litigation, investigations, or regulatory response needs arise, they can move that data back to the Casepoint Platform at the touch of a button. 

This new data storage solution also features flexible scalability, meaning users only pay for additional storage if they need it. Whereas, on-premises data storage systems such as server farms typically have predetermined limits on storage capacity but often charge users for full capacity, regardless of their actual needs. 

Data proliferation isn’t going anywhere, so it’s critical for organizations of all types to have scalable solutions,” said Vishal Rajpara, Chief Technology Officer at Casepoint. “As more organizations move to the cloud, they need a secure environment in which to stage and store data on their network that allows them to scale up or down according to their particular needs. Adding seamless storage with Casepoint FileStore™ is the next phase in the evolution of delivering a comprehensive cloud-based solution to our clients.”

Another benefit of integrated cloud storage is that it enables faster data transfers to the Casepoint Platform since the data already exists within the Casepoint ecosystem — further reducing time and ultimately costs to the organization. Since the data never leaves that ecosystem, it is also more secure for the client.

“For security purposes, Casepoint FileStore™ brings all of that data under the umbrella of Casepoint’s rigorous security program and protocols so everything is protected between the data source and the Casepoint Platform,” said Amit Dungarani, Vice President of Partnership and Strategic Initiatives at Casepoint. “We can document a full record of our clients’ data and expand on the concept of matter management like never before. This is a game-changer.”

Casepoint will showcase its new cloud-based storage solution, Casepoint FileStore™,  and all of its latest innovations at ILTACON in Orlando from Aug. 20–24, 2023. Conference attendees are invited to visit Booth #2515 to see Casepoint’s secure, cloud-based legal hold and eDiscovery platform in action. To connect with Casepoint at ILTACON, sign up here.

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Casepoint is the legal technology platform of choice for corporations, government agencies, and law firms to meet their complex eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance needs. Powered by cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics, Casepoint helps teams cut through large volumes of data to quickly identify insightful and actionable information. Casepoint’s secure and scalable cloud-based platform is designed to help organizations take control of their data and processes to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and lower overall legal spend. Casepoint’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides legal hold, cloud collections, powerful data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and production.


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