When engaging in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), it’s crucial to conduct due diligence across all businesses. However, due diligence on data privacy compliance and cybersecurity is often overlooked, leading to potential risks such as litigation and fines.

Amit Dungarani, Vice President of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives at Casepoint emphasizes the importance of evaluating data privacy and security during M&A. This involves assessing data and data privacy risks, evaluating data security, considering cross-border implications, and building a dedicated data privacy and compliance team.

This blog highlights the significance of employing automated eDiscovery solutions as a key strategy to streamline the M&A process. Such technology assists in data collection, sorting, and risk identification, thereby saving substantial time and costs. It emphasizes the necessity of adopting a comprehensive and technology-supported approach to privacy and security during M&A, underscoring that these measures are essential for long-term success and risk mitigation in a merged entity. Read the full article by Amit Dungarani by clicking here.

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