Adding our end-to-end solution to your tech stack will help you prepare your corporate legal department for any legal issues that come your way. It enables you to take control of your data and reduce your costs. Since all your data is managed in a single place, you can reduce the possibility of risky data transfers and ensure safety for your corporation as well as your clients.

Leveraging eDiscovery Software for Multiple Use Cases

eDiscovery software like Casepoint is not a singular solution. It is possible to leverage it for multiple use cases, including:

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When your corporation faces complex litigation or wants to manage its internal investigations and compliance, it’s crucial to reduce risk and costs and maximize your efficiency. Using Casepoint’s cloud-based, end-to-end platform, the legal department in a company can manage these litigations and every stage of eDiscovery—collection, review, production, and more. 

Casepoint enables the collection and processing of over 600 data types. You can even extract metadata and original formatting for data review. CaseAssist Active Learning is the built-in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technology that can help you search for relevant data quickly. While you are working on high-value activities, the AI will run in the background to find crucial insights. Once you have found relevant records, you can produce them with placeholders, slip sheets, and bates numbers and export them to industry-standard production formats.


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As internal investigations continue to become complex and prevalent, corporations are looking to use solutions such as Casepoint for conducting quicker, organized, and efficient investigations. During an event that triggers an internal investigation, taking quick action is of paramount importance for in-house legal departments. For instance, if you want to stop data leakage from a disgruntled employee, you must not delay taking action. If you don’t move quickly, you won’t be able to uncover the evidence intime. 

Internal investigations differ from litigation in the sense that not every document has to be relevant. However, it is still crucial to find relevant records to decide whether you need further action. Using traditional methods such as downloading PDFs and reviewing them manually isn’t an efficient option. With the huge data volumes, it is almost impossible to go through every record.

The best option for your corporate legal department is to use a document review platform powered by AI like Casepoint. It uses a broad range of collaboration tools to collect information and can assist your investigation team in ways that you wouldn’t have even thought of. As the predictive models and built-in AI culls down your data, you can use the shared workspace to review the data.

Internal Investigations

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Data privacy laws have changed over the past decade. If you don’t handle personally identifiable information (PII) correctly, your corporation might face significant legal, financial, and reputational risks. You might have to invest money for addressing different data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA), and more. 

Casepoint can help you adhere to these data privacy regulations. Using our advanced AI technology, you can identify information governance practices that put your data at risk. For instance, there has been a recent increase in the Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) that require you to disclose the personal data you have collected and the way you plan to use it. With Casepoint’s secure and cloud-based workspaces, you can automate DSAR-related workflows and track responses easily. We also have built-in bulk search and analytics functionality that will help you identify relevant documents, classify data categories, and customize the production of data.

Data Privacy & Compliance

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Information governance covers a wide range of areas, including information management, data privacy, compliance, defensible disposition, storage management, and eDiscovery. It’s crucial for in-house legal departments to reconsider their information governance practices. It’s high time for you to change the way you create, store, manage, and defend data. As cybersecurity threats continue to increase and evolve, you must remain proactive and update your practices as per the evolving federal and state requirements. 

Your corporation can use Casepoint to make sure that your data collection, storage, and processing is in compliance with the internal guidelines as well as regulatory bodies. Using our platform, you can understand, map, and manage your data effectively. It will enable you to anticipate as well as respond effectively to security threats, create better policies, eliminate inefficient practices, and more.

Information Governance

The Benefits of Partnering with Casepoint

  • We help you take control of your growing data volumes to better manage information

    Casepoint centralizes information so that you can track all data sources. It also culls high volumes of data by removing non-relevant documents. The AI and advanced analytics helps unearth relevant data automatically. Using our cloud-based platform and enabling role-based security reduces data transfers and allows you to collaborate safely.

  • We help you take control of your legal spending gaining predictability and transparency to better manage costs

    Since Casepoint uses a built-in AI for identifying privileged, relevant, and non-relevant documents, the review process becomes faster and more efficient. It will help you save resources and get better results. Moreover, CaseAssist Active Learning runs in the background and helps you unearth key documents and provide a thorough review. This powerful AI comes with no additional charges.

  • We help you take control of your legal and compliance obligations to better manage risk

    When your corporation faces legal challenges, such as legal hold, you will need software like Casepoint for managing it. Casepoint allows you to customize the process with reminders, email templates, and custodian information. It is also possible to monitor the legal hold request’s progress and update the information along the way.Moreover, Casepoint can also help you respond to GDPR and CCPA data subject access requests, FOIA requests, and data breaches. Your employees can easily collaborate on the platform and handle your data compliance needs.


Casepoint is among the most advanced platforms available in the market for eDiscovery and litigation. It can help your organization develop an evidence-based story that can defend you in court. With its AI and advanced analytics tools, you can make every single facet of eDiscovery accurate, efficient, and faster.