Fortune 500 companies frequently experience the complication of working with multiple outside counsels and their individually preferred eDiscovery technologies. Diversity in legal counsel is often beneficial, however inconsistent eDiscovery technologies often wreak havoc on a company’s budget and overall legal operations efficiency. One Fortune 500 company found a solution to this problem, as explained in the following case study.

During a four-year engagement that still continues to this day, a well-known Fortune 500 construction company consolidated their eDiscovery workflows to one single comprehensive eDiscovery platform. This company, Company A, was in need of revamping their entire approach to litigation — they were experiencing extremely inefficient workflows and enormous discovery-related costs. Company A pursued an exclusive relationship with Casepoint in order to increase speed, attain cost transparency, and achieve major cost savings. By using Casepoint, this Fortune 500 company was able to completely streamline every aspect of their eDiscovery workflow.

Large-scale construction litigation is notoriously complex. As a Fortune 500 construction company, Company A, is no different.  As big development projects accumulated, the complexities of working with multiple contractors and subcontractors increased. Legal representation was typically handled by a group of firms that had to collaborate effectively and efficiently — which did not always occur. These projects generated thousands of highly specialized construction documents, which resulted in very high data volumes and many different file types. In addition to the massive amount of data, each of the contracted firms would provide their own data management and produce their own invoices. eDiscovery costs quickly spiraled out of control.

Enter Casepoint.

Company A put Casepoint to the test with 27 legal matters and 14 TBs of data in which it used Casepoint solely for eDiscovery tasks. These cases involved a total of 18 outside law firms. Normally, involving this many firms for such a large data set has the potential to create disorder in the process. It causes the number of users to increase and can lead to mismanagement of those users. Additionally, it can contribute to a complex invoicing process with a lack of visibility into performance and ultimately a loss of cost control.

By using Casepoint exclusively for these matters, Company A was able to prevent these issues from arising. Through this effort, Company A immediately experienced more efficient workflows and much faster execution. Since Casepoint offers monthly reporting across all matters, this Fortune 500 company also experienced transparency into discovery-related performance and significant cost savings. In fact, Company A calculated it had achieved a 57% reduction in costs. The considerable decrease in cost was reason enough for Company A to name Casepoint as its preferred eDiscovery partner and now requires all panel counsel to use the Casepoint platform on every new matter. Switching to Casepoint for their eDiscovery needs was the answer to increasing efficiency in workflows and saving money on discovery-related costs for this Fortune 500 construction company. For more details on how Company A was able to benefit by using Casepoint, read the full Case Study, “Fortune 500 Construction Management Firm Consolidates on a Single Comprehensive eDiscovery Platform.”

Case Study

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