Casepoint delivers a transformative process for legal hold, data collection, and processing, seamlessly integrated with an end-to-end eDiscovery solution for corporate and government users.

TYSONS, Va., March 20, 2023Casepoint, a leader in cloud-based legal hold and eDiscovery technology, today announced the release of an exciting upgrade to its industry-leading legal hold solution to meet the evolving needs of corporations and government agencies. 

The expanded Legal Hold capabilities substantially streamline and accelerate the legal hold process across roles and departments, and includes many new customer-driven features that address the increasing requirements of both corporate and government users for litigation, investigations, and compliance.

“The new version includes improvements in almost all aspects of the software including user interface, templates, acknowledgments, approvals, and communications with external and internal parties,” said Vishal Rajpara, Casepoint’s Chief Technology Officer. “This version is easier to use, exponentially faster, and more efficient.”

By creating a seamless process for legal holds and data collection all the way through to document review, deposition preparation with Case Summary, and production, Casepoint enables corporate and government clients to accelerate their time to insight by up to 83% and reduce discovery-related costs by up to 57%.

“Almost 70% of the features in this module are responses to requests from corporate and government customers,” said Rajpara. “The upgraded version of Casepoint Legal Hold gives users an easy, stress-free tool that allows them to swiftly and securely preserve critical data in record time. We’ve expanded what preservation and collection can do. This upgrade requires fewer clicks, and it’s lightning fast.”

Casepoint’s enhanced legal hold solution transforms slow manual processes into streamlined workflows with more templatization; improved automated user communication; custom fields for unlimited configuration; an improved ability to pose dynamic, logic-based questions; and upgraded preservation speed — all designed to reduce clients’ exposure to risk. 

“With these enhancements, Casepoint has strengthened the connection between ‘left side’ processes of the EDRM — such as information governance and data preservation — and ‘right side’ processes like technology-assisted review (TAR),” said Oliver Silva, Casepoint’s Director of Enterprise Accounts. “This solidifies our leadership in the legal technology space as one of the only providers integrating advanced technology across the entire left-to-right spectrum in a single-solution platform.” 

Corporate and Government Use Cases

Casepoint Legal Hold’s upgraded capabilities address the distinct needs of both private and public sectors. Corporate litigators face rising risks from data breaches and an explosion of data from cloud-based applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, which now account for a sizable portion of ESI. Tasked with tight budgets and lean resources for their eDiscovery processes, government agencies must deal with an explosion of FOIA requests, increasing litigation, and growing data breach/cybersecurity risks.

Casepoint Legal Hold lowers the cost, risk, and number of hours both corporate litigators and government agencies spend on the legal hold process. 

This latest upgrade allows users to save time by tracking responses and viewing reports in one secure solution, reduce risk by collecting data directly without the need for individual usernames or passwords, and provide configurable hold-notice acknowledgment reminders. Users no longer have to manually export, import, or transfer files, nor do they have to use spreadsheets.

“Once data has been preserved, users can leverage Casepoint eDiscovery to collect, process, analyze, review, and produce their data,” said Silva. “Our disruption-free, scalable, and defensible collection technology is powerful, simple, and secure.”  

Casepoint will showcase the advanced capabilities of its enhanced legal hold module at Legalweek New York 2023 from March 20–23 at Booth #1302. Conference attendees are invited to drop by to see Casepoint’s secure, cloud-based legal hold and eDiscovery platform in action. Sign up here to connect with Casepoint at Legalweek

About Casepoint

Casepoint is the legal technology platform of choice for corporations, government agencies, and law firms to meet their complex eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance needs. Powered by cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics, Casepoint helps teams cut through large volumes of data to quickly identify insightful and actionable information. Casepoint’s secure and scalable cloud-based platform is designed to help organizations take control of their data and processes to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and lower overall legal spend. Casepoint’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides legal hold, cloud collections, powerful data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and production.


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