In an era marked by increasing volumes and complexities of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, federal agencies grapple with meeting demand within stipulated timeframes. Legacy systems, ill-equipped to handle modern requirements, exacerbate the challenge, compounded by the need to coordinate information across disparate systems. To address these issues, federal agencies are turning to modernized FOIA workflows driven by automation and data sharing.

Explore actionable strategies for simplifying Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and navigating legacy challenges in the latest podcast with Casepoint experts, hosted by Government Technology Insider. Amit Dungarani, Vice President of Growth Enablement, and Amy Hilbert, Executive Vice President, Government Solutions at Casepoint, explore the intricacies of FOIA workflows, offering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency. Gain valuable insights from industry leaders on leveraging automation and data sharing to streamline processes and ensure compliance. Tune in to learn how Casepoint’s end-to-end management solutions empower federal agencies to overcome challenges and achieve success in the digital age.

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