Why Do Lawyers Conduct eDiscovery for Their Cases?

eDiscovery is the process where corporations or legal firms are required to share electronically stored information and produce the evidence which will be presented in the trial. Discovery aims to ensure that the case proceeds smoothly without any confusion about the information shared by either party.

It is important to note that eDiscovery can be a lengthy process. Using cloud-based software can help reduce time wastage. For every case, eDiscovery is considered one of the most crucial parts before trial. Imagine what might happen if both parties were unaware of the information and evidence that will be shared during the proceedings.

You may consider eDiscovery to lay the groundwork for the trial. You must present the evidence to the court without any room for error. Even a minor mistake can cost you the lawsuit.

Why Use eDiscovery Software Over a Manual Discovery Process?

Employing an eDiscovery software instead of manual discovery is well worth it. There are myriad advantages to using eDiscovery software for legal firms, the critical of these have been listed below:

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With eDiscovery, law firms don’t have to worry about running after authorized personnel to acquire the documents. The law firm software enables easy storage and access of data while ensuring its security. Thanks to the error-free eDiscovery process that it facilitates, you won’t have to jump across different applications and software to get the information you need.

Improved Flexibility

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A deposition involves a lot of files, documents, and information. If you do this manually, you will be spending a lot of time and money while dealing with innumerable hassles. An eDiscovery software like Casepoint is designed to eliminate paperwork. It automates the menial tasks giving you access to information in a cloud-based environment and allowing you to focus on other tasks of greater priority.

Seamless Deposition Management

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Organizing documents, drafting reports, assembling evidence, reviewing documents, and producing evidence are crucial stages of making your case. With software for eDiscovery, law firms will be able to do this without drowning in a sea of paperwork. Casepoint eDiscovery software makes handling document storage easier so that you sail smoothly through the discovery process.

Hassle-Free Document Access

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With software for eDiscovery, law firms can create investigations instantly and accelerate all the processes. Replacing the time-consuming manual approach with an eDiscovery process will eliminate time wastage. You can efficiently manage everything and speed up the investigation.

Quick Investigations

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Since eDiscovery software for legal firms does away with the hassle of managing paperwork, you won’t have to spend hours looking for a document. A cloud-based eDiscovery solution, like Casepoint, stores all the information in a single, centralized location. You can easily update the files in the cloud, so everyone has access to the updated information. You can get everything done in a timely, secure and efficient manner.

Boosts Efficiency

How Can eDiscovery Software Help Small and Large Law Firms?

Am Law 200 Firm Reduces Document Review Time by Over 90%

Technological solutions like eDiscovery are slowly being incorporated into legal practices. However, there is still extensive progress to be made in this regard. Unfortunately, many legal professionals still handle their eDiscovery manually. Relying on these error-prone and cumbersome manual processes may result in losing out on the plethora of benefits that an eDiscovery software offers. Whether you work in a small law firm or a large one, here are some of the benefits that you can reap by using an eDiscovery software for legal firms:

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Even though eDiscovery software for legal firms offers so much more than just cost savings, it is important for firms to know the amount of time and money they can save with an eDiscovery software like Casepoint. All the time you will be saving can be better utilized for high-value tasks, thus providing better value to your clients.

eDiscovery software can help you keep your costs under control while offering features like secure document management,user management, review, production, search filters, and more. The user interface has been designed for quick understanding and efficient use. This increases the likelihood of the law firm software being adopted and used by legal firms.

Reduced Costs

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One of the biggest challenges of eDiscovery is managing the huge volumes of data. Even in a minor case, the volume of data can run into several hundred gigabytes. This means that there will be hundreds of thousands of files, many of which might not even be relevant to the case. Even if someone had CCed the person of interest on an email, it could add dozens of emails to the eDiscovery process. With the right eDiscovery software for legal firms like Casepoint, you can reduce the sheer volume of data. It analyzes data for relevance and eliminates irrelevant or redundant information.

Casepoint’s AI-driven identification of privileged, relevant, and non-relevant documents can help you make faster decisions and conduct a more efficient review. CaseAssist Active Learning pinpoints the key documents, dates, and people, providing you with a more thorough review. Their advanced search capabilities, developed as a hybrid of analytics, text search, and field search, can help you get more targeted results.

Relevant Information

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The importance of protecting private and confidential information cannot be overstated. Redacting private information from paper documents is difficult enough. In the case of digital files, the chances of making a mistake are high. Without eDiscovery software, you will end up using manual techniques like changing the color of the text to match the background of the document or covering it with a black marker. However, this doesn’t always comply with privacy laws. An eDiscovery software can help redact sensitive content the right way.

When it comes to data redaction, you have to think beyond visibility. For redaction to be compliant and effective, burning the annotation markups into the files is necessary. The redaction tool should also be able to remove sensitive content while ensuring that there is an unaltered version of the file for ESI compliance purposes and internal use. It should also allow you to add the reason for redaction so that the other party has sufficient context. With Casepoint’s automatic redaction, you can save yourself from hours of manual redaction of personally identifiable information.


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Several national and international standards are in place to ensure the preservation of ESI and the integrity of the documents. Their non-compliance may lead to penalties and substantial fines. Even though data digitization makes preserving these files a lot easier, without the right solutions for law firms, the whole process may become chaotic. For example, you might misplace the files while saving them to hard drives or convert them into another format, altering or erasing the metadata.

With the document management features of eDiscovery tools, you can ensure that your documents are preserved as per ESI standards. Since the data is stored in a centralized platform, you can locate any file easily.

After the review process is finished, it is standard practice to combine the relevant documents into a production file. With software for eDiscovery, law firms can rest assured knowing that the original version of the document is intact.

Compliance with ESI Retention

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During the eDiscovery process, you will collect documents, images, and other information in different formats. You don’t want to rely on a patchwork of software for accessing this data. Using conventional applications like word processors, emails, and PDF readers for managing the documents will lead to a lot of confusion and frustration. With a dedicated eDiscovery solution, you will have a central dashboard where you can access and view files. You also have control over who can view or comment on the file.

Casepoint’s Intelligent Processing can process different file types. It is a two-step wizard that efficiently streamlines native processing, exception files, OCR, deduplication, file conversion, and more. You can use their powerful Desktop Client or web import tool for uploading native as well as processed data. It is capable of processing data at a much faster speed than single-purpose systems. The entire workflow is distributed and powered by hundreds of servers. Thanks to their easy-to-use interface, you can produce documents quickly in a wide range of formats. They also have customizable options to stamp, deliver, and more.

Improved Data Access

Maximize Your Law Firm’s Potential

With software for eDiscovery, law firms can let go of the manual processes and spend their time on more important tasks. Here is how an eDiscovery software for legal firms can help you maximize your potential:

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When it comes to cost recovery, the benefit of using an eDiscovery solution cannot be overstated. You will not only be able to increase your revenue growth but also get a competitive advantage over the opposing counsel.

Recover Costs & Reinvest in Clients

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An eDiscovery software for legal firms will ensure that you can comply with the privacy laws of different countries, allowing you to expand your portfolio to other countries. Your entire global team can be unified on the law firm software.

Expand Your Global Portfolio

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When you spend less time on data processing and review, you can spend more time innovating and strategizing to take your firm to the next level.

Get More Time to Innovate

eDiscovery allows you to take the smarter approach and rid yourself of the mountains of paper. By managing the discovery electronically, you can ensure the discovery process flows smoothly. With the ever-increasing volume of documents that need to be managed, finding the best ones can be tedious. An eDiscovery software for legal firms can take this load off of you. This technological solution has made managing data hassle-free. With the eDiscovery software in your corner, you will have a more organized, efficient, and dynamic workflow.